Quebec Immigration

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Quebec Immigration
The province of Quebec offers the same immigration programs as the Federal government, and it is currently actively recruiting new immigrants to fill their specific needs. An important requirement for persons willing to move to Quebec is knowledge of French and an ability to easily integrate into the province’s distinct society. Quebec would be most appealing to people of Southern European descent and to Latin Americans.
Caregiver Program
Individuals willing to provide live-in help to care for children, the infirm or the elderly in the home may benefit form the live-in caregiver program. In order to qualify the person must:
• Have a Canadian employer
• Completed the educational equivalent of grade 12
• Have the ability to communicate in either English or French
• Have taken a 6-month course in an area related to the work intended or have one-year relevant work experience
Once in Canada, caregivers must work live-in for two years. They will then be permitted to apply for their Permanent Residence
It is important to note that the Canadian government has taken steps to guarantee that workers in this area are treated fairly and in accordance with the labour laws of the provinces.

Pre-removal Risk Assessments
Any person who is being removed from Canada has a right to a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment. This is the last evaluation done in order to determine whether or not the person would be at risk if deported from Canada.
Detention Reviews
A person who is detained for immigration violations has a right to a detention review. If the person does not pose a danger to the public and/or to himself; there is no concern that the person would hide from the immigration authorities if released and the person is able to provide proper identification, the person could be released from detention. In most cases the person would require a guarantor.
Immigration Appeals
The appeal division has jurisdiction over specific cases: Refused sponsorships, permanent residents ordered deported, permanent residents who lose their residency because they were out of Canada for more than the time allowed by law and others.

Persons who have a criminal record in their country of origin or anywhere in the world are inadmissible to Canada unless they obtain rehabilitation. The rules to obtain rehabilitation vary. Criminal inadmissibility may be overcome by obtaining this document.
A person who is not a citizen and was convicted of a crime in Canada will become inadmissible to Canada on criminal grounds. This inadmissibility may be overcome by obtaining a pardon.
Humanitarian & Compassionate Cases
For people who do not fit within any of the programs for immigration to Canada, but find themselves in exceptional circumstances, there is the option of making a request on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds. An immigration officer may find there are special circumstances that merit a person remain in Canada as a Permanent Resident.
These are brief explanations of programs to show there are a variety of ways to obtain immigration status in Canada.
Please contact us for detail consultation to decide which category you can fit in for your immigration application to Canada.

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