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Liu Hussein Associates are authorized by the Canadian government to represent you all immigration matters. We offer a full range of immigration services for temporary or permanent residence under all categories.

We advise on all applications including skilled worker, investor, entrepreneur, self-employed, and family sponsorships. We also advise on special provincial programs aimed at fast-tracking certain immigrants with specific work skills.

We will evaluate your personal circumstances for free. If we think you have a good chance at success – whether your stay is temporary or permanent – we’ll take you on as a client. If your currently circumstance is not ready to apply, we will keep you in our file and seek any potential opportunity in the future to help you qualify.

Once you become our customer, you enjoy customized professional service from us:

Immigration service.

1.  Based on the information you provide us, we will draft a custom legal document for the Visa officer that will strengthen your application based on law, court cases and policy, that covers:

  • Your right to respond to the concerns of a Visa officer BEFORE he or she rejects your file
  • Your right to have the Visa officer to consider exercising his or her positive discretion, whether you are above or below the 67 point threshold
  • Your right to have the Visa officer to consider alternate NOC categories if he or she does not agree with the NOC’s presented job duty or Settlement funds not held in cash
  • Medical or criminal issues
  • Accompanying family members
  • Non-accompanying children and waivers from ex-spouses
  • Genuine relationship test for married and common-law couples
  • How your application fits with the aims of Canadian immigration policy
  • Detailed analysis of your work history and points
  • Detailed analysis of your education and points
  • Detailed analysis of your language abilities and points
  • Consideration of all adaptability factors and points
  • Use of affidavits and other specialized evidence
  • Other factors unique to your situation

2.  Assessment of case for filing; Evaluation, advice and assistance on the correct way to complete government forms.

3.  Evaluation and advice on all supporting documentation and evidence to ensure it is acceptable and persuasive


4. Providing sample letter in preparation of documentations, such as: experience letter with National Occupational Classification advice and other details as per the requirements of work experience documents

5.  Provision of required documentation not found on CIC website (if applicable) including:

  • waivers by non-custodial parents
  • FBI and other police fingerprint forms
  • contacts for various agencies

6.  Identification and resolution of any unique obstacles to immigration you may face (such falling below the 67 point threshold)

7.  Evaluation of your business enterprises and financing arrangements for any required contributions (investor and entrepreneur classes only)

8. Providing information on immigration medical procedure, such as list of medical practitioners in area of the applicant

9.  Email response to your queries (usually same day)

10.  Tracking the progress of your application

11. Customized one-on-one interview preparation, actual interview demonstration based on numerous cases.

11.  Responding promptly on your behalf to legal issues or concerns raised by Visa officers

12.  Fees covers all family members and includes all professional services, consultations, disbursements and courier charges

Student service.

We represent many educational institutions in Canada including private English schools, Colleges and Universities.

Our student service started with selection school for student, we communicate with student and parents directly to ensure you register for the right course at the right place so you do not get any unwanted surprises later.

More in depth assistance is also provided for adaptation and training for particular skills shortage professions such as Nursing.

We also provide assistance with home-stay and guardians for under-aged students. After student arrives in Canada, we continue assisting student with on-going demand during studying in Canada.

Career service.

We also provide links to other job resources, particularly in Skills Shortage areas. More partner based services include Profiling and definitive CV building to ensure best possible chances of success at hiring.

Contact us to get started.

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