Preparation for Employment in Canada
It may take time to develop their skills and gain Canadian experience before finding the job you really want, but there are several things you can do to get a job in Canada, both before leaving their home country and once you’re there .
Before leaving your country
Used to work in Canada for book to keep track of the information we collect on the life and work in Canada.
Find your position in the Working in Canada tool to view a job description, find the professional organization and the skills you need to do this work in Canada.
Find out if there are facts occupation for your profession. They’ll tell you what you can do until you come to Canada, will guide you through the process of recognition of foreign credentials and an overview of general requirements you must meet to work in your profession in Canada.
Understand what you can do to start the process of evaluation of credentials.
Discover the programs and services for newcomers are offered in every province and territory in Canada.
Looking for work in Canada.
Prepare a resume and cover letter.
Prepare for interviews.
After the arrival
Request Social Security number as soon as you arrive. All Canadians should have a working.
Contact an organization that helps immigrants.
Learn about transition programs.
Create a network of contacts.
Contact Service Canada.

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