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You can immigrate to Canada, but considering that the immigration laws in this country are strict and complex, you must learn how to navigate in the system and manage to have a successful immigration process.

In order to gain that, you must have the advice from professionals with experience on the matter who know the immigration laws of the country in depth and that they stand out for their honesty and their professional competence.

You can choose to collect information and do-it-yourself, but bear in your mind that  should any mistake be made through the process, you probably won’t have the second chance to correct it. For us, we are professionally trained in Canadian immigration law, policy and operational manual and having experience through years of processing all kinds of case. We speak the same language as legalistic immigration officials.

Our advice to customers, regardless of where they are going to live in Canada, we offer the following advantage and service over other firms:

  • We are governed by Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council that set strict practice rules and require all members to purchase liability insurance.
  • We offer personalized services. Any concern from you will be answered within one working day.
  • Ms. Jing Liu, full member of ICCRC ( member ID R414559) will handle your case from start to finish.
  • Personal attention to each client with one-on-one service.
  • We do what we promised to do and our effort is guaranteed.

Let us help you achieve one of the most important choices you made in your life: immigration to Canada.



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